Sunday, February 6, 2011

Am I supposed to Blog everyday? What are the rules around here?

Well... i missed the blogger handbook.  Am I supposed to blog daily?  That's a lot of pressure.  I can assure ya'all that, that will probably not happen, and not because I don't have enough to say because that will never be the case. :-)
This week has been kinda nutso.  Wacky weather, Pre-VD (think 2/14) spa business, and all the other "usual" randomness that occurs in my life.  My good friend Opened her bakery (you all know this because that was the topic of Blog #1), I had several inspired sewing "fits" resulting in a fun new "TskirT" dress that I'm going to perfect and turn into my first online tutorial.
stay tuned for that, I'm excited to be working on that.
Then I made my friend Vicki (she's The Angry Baker) an apron because I just think if you're gonna own an awesome bakery then you need an awesome apron. :-)
This was my first real attempt at embroidery and It was kinda fun.  I will have to do some more of this. :-)  I'm thinking that I should make myself an apron to wear at upcoming craft shows. Hmmm... maybe that will be my today project.

Then, I got a little more accomplished on my ETSY page.  I still have no idea really what I'm doing with that, but now I have two items listed. :-)

I've also joined YELP . Have you all been to Yelp?  It's a cool site to add and read reviews.  The spa that I work at Open Sky Day Spa can be reviewed there.  So if you have been there and you would like to put your two cents in, that would be GREAT! *wink*wink* :-)

I spent yesterday at the Columbus Convention Center attending the Pampered Chef Spring Launch, where I got all jazzed up to sell some awesome products.  Yet another thing that ya'all may not know about me is that I am a (Senior) Consultant with the pampered chef.  I joined The Pampered Chef last year after hosting my 1st cooking show.  I earned a TON of free stuff and since they pretty much make it risk free to join I thought I'd give it a whirl.  I've had a lot of fun doing cooking shows and helping my hosts earn FREE products.  I also have earned tons of free stuff and even made some $money$. I honestly had decided last week that i should probably call my PC biz quits to focus more on my budding Crafting/Sewing biz as well as my already busy Massage biz.  Then.... of course yesterday happened. lol  I kinda knew that if I attended a big company sponsored Rah Rah party (and it was way fun) then I wouldn't wanna quit.  Yup, I'm still in.  SO.... if ya'all need any AWESOME Pampered Chef products or you wanna host your own cooking show.  Let me know! my website is: . I will be placing a random order on February 15th so if you just want one or two things and don't wanna pay shipping (only if you live close enough that I can deliver or you can pick up) then just message me and I'll pay the shipping. :-)  If I place two orders in February then I will earn the "Help Whip Cancer" products for FREE and I really, really want them! Wanna sneak peak at the 2011 products?  Shhhh.. they haven't been unveiled to the public yet and they won't be available until March. 

Pink Zebra Microfiber Towel 
Pink Zebra high-healed Cake Server (heal is removable)
Pink Zebra Coupon Organizer
Pink Zebra Ceramic spreader
Pink color coated paring knife.

Remember....SHHHHH!  These are a sneak peak and you are seeing it here first! ;-)  

Also, PLEASE order lots of stuff from me in February because I'm not too proud to beg and I WANT THEM ALL FOR FREE!   Thanks. :-)

Then... book a show in March (or get a friend too) so that I can help you get them too! 

Alas, I must finish up for today as it is Superbowl Sunday and I have two massages to complete at the spa before I can watch my boys ...

 I lived in Pittsburgh for 4 years and LOVE the Black & Gold!

  Fun note, yesterday at the PC thing, there were about a hundred or so consultants that were there from Pittsburgh and they were all wearing their jerseys, Dang I wish I'd have gotten a picture!  Loved there energy though!



Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Weather according to Heidi

Happy Icemageddon everyone!  :-)  I LOVE (only because it amuses me) how every year countless Ohioans get "weather amnesia".  I mean really,  it is Ohio, it is Winter and it does tend to get a little cold and messy now and again.  I have lived in Pittsburgh, PA as well as Pinehurst, NC and most of my life in Ohio.... what's the confusion.  In Pittsburgh it was roughly the same weather, I didn't have a car and the buses rarely stopped.  In North Carolina if the weather got too cold and slippery, life did tend to stop, but that's to be expected; when you only get an occasional dusting of snow, you are never really prepared for it.  But come on Buckeye's... ARE YOU NEW?  It's been 33 years since our last on record blizzard and we (not me.. I don't!) act like every little front that passes through means we should run to the store and stock up for a months supplies.  STOP FREAKING OUT, It's just a little weather!  

For those of you that are not from my neighborhood here in the lovely town of Grandview Heights, we are a small walking community, just outside of Downtown Columbus.  We don't have buses, we walk or ride our bikes to school and I love it.  We also have a wonderful crew of workers that do a fantastic job of keeping our roads clean and safe.  I have on many occasions driven within the limits of Grandview and thought "what's all the fuss?  Why are there so many schools out today?"  just to pass outside of the city limits and think "What the What is going on?  These roads are terrible!"  So we are very lucky to be so lucky. :-)  

I grew up on a small farm (birds not cows or crops) in the middle of the woods, in the middle of nowhere in Ashland County, Ohio.  I remember winter being cold and snowy every day and because I loved to ice-skate, I remember hurrying off of the bus and back the lane to shovel off the pond.  This is just not how winter is anymore.  Don't know if it's Global warming (i think it probably is), don't know why it is happening, but I do know that winter get's more and more pathetic the older I get.  I'm not saying that it doesn't get cold or very dangerous outside, I'm just saying that I don't understand why everyone keeps freaking out like it never happens.  It really doesn't happen that often and when it does, it doesn't tend to stay bad for long.  What's all the fuss and the name calling about??? "Icemageddon"??  Snowpocolypse??  I think that they are clever and perhaps I'm just sad that I didn't create them.  Those of you that know me know that I LOVE to come up with a good name. :-)  Point is.... STOP FREAKING OUT!   It's annoying and I repeat: