Sunday, January 30, 2011

'The Angry Baker' made me very happy.

Hello to all in Blog land!  This is my very 1st post on my very 1st blog, thank you for finding me and taking a few minutes to read me. :-)

I want to share with ya'all (i say that a lot, even though I was born and raised in North Central Ohio) a wonderful little gem that just opened up in Columbus.     'The Angry Baker' has just opened up in Old Towne East, just outside of downtown.  In the interest of full disclosure, I am very good friends with the owner of this delightfully delicious new Cafe & Bakery, Vicki Hink.  Before I tell you all about how amazing her new place is, I want to tell you about how  I met Vicki.  We met when I was a server at Z Cucina in Grandview, and she was a line cook and pastry chef.  Vicki also worked her pastry magic at Bakery Gingham.  I have been working, for going on 12 years as a Massage Therapist and love to trade/barter for many things and the idea of trading for cakes for my children's birthdays just seemed like an awesome plan.  The first cake Vicki made for me was without a doubt the most beautiful cake I had ever seen and then it just happened to be equally as delicious.  The cake was for my daughters 3rd birthday, which happened to be 3 days before my 33rd birthday.   With all of those 3's, I felt obliged to have a 3 tiered cake. :-)  I told vicki that I wanted three tiers and three flavors and three colors and the details were her's to create.  This is what she made:

white with butter-cream
strawberry with fresh strawberry's and strawberry butter-cream
chocolate with chocolate butter-cream
with hand-cut fondant flowers.

So as you can imagine, I've been hooked ever since!  I have been happily bartering massages for cakes & cupcakes ever since.

So now that you know how I know her and a little about why I think she's so talented and so bound for success, let me tell you about my 1st visit to The Angry Baker.

I was accompanied on my outing by my beautiful friend Summer and her amazingly beautiful (youngest) daughter Parker Jane.

We ordered:
*Two cups of coffee.... delicious. :-)  
*  Pot Roast Sandwich with Horseradish slaw, Melted local Bleu Cheese and Carmelized Onions
served with Field greens salad and Herb vinaigrette 
Will definitely order again!!!

* Bacon, White Cheddar, Pear & arugula Sandwhich 
also served with mixed greens salad.  This time we chose the bleu cheese vinaigrette... yummo!
this sandwich was THE BEST SANDWICH I'VE EVER HAD!  (note... she sold out of pears so ours had apples on it.  I LOVED the apples and will anxiously await my opportunity to try it with pear).  

Last but certainly not least, I think it would be sacreligious to enter a bakery without eating dessert, so..... we did. :-)  And not surprisingly.... it. was. incredible. 

 Chocolate Dr. Pepper Cake with a blackberry ganache filling. MOIST, DELICIOUS AND MEMORABLE!  I will be wanting this cake again and again.  This might even (get ready for this...) be a better slice of chocolate cake than Cap City's  chocolate cake.  Yep, I said it.  Meant it too!

In conclusion, I would emplore you to do yourself a favor and go and check it out!  I hope you'll go to the website and check out the menu, which includes a lot of very vegan and veggie friendly items.  You WILL thank me.  Of course I want Vicki to succeed because she is a friend, You will want her to succeed because her food is craveable.

Thank you for reading this and forgiving my terrible grammar and punctuation.  I will continue to post about random acts of awesome in the future, I hope you'll stop back.

Namaste Ya'all!

More pics from my visit today:
 chocolate pizelles,  croissants, scones, cinnamon rolls, muffins, and other tasty treats.  I should of taken notes.  Yummy!

 A very cool piece of art created (if my memory is correct) by the owners uncle, out of McDonald's cookie boxes.  LOVE IT!  (i was told that the boxes are empty. )

 just across the street from Yellowbrick Pizza . on the corner of Oak & 18th.

this is the amazing (not my best photo) Chocolate Dr. Pepper cake alongside of a pan of Tiramisu. :-)
 See.... she's not really Angry! lol  You'll have to stop in and ask her about the name, I don't get it. :-) She makes me very happy so I can't get it. lol
Me with the rock star baker/chef extraordinare!  All my best Vicki!

final note... I didn't get pictures of the bathroom, make sure you check it out.  Amazing murals by Chop Chop .


  1. That all looks so delicious! It's very good to know that The Angry Baker has sandwiches, too.

  2. Neal... the next time you and Julian come up here we will go there! let me know. :-)

  3. I have to go check it out. I have a friend that lives in Old Towne East and will make the pilgrimage with her. I am also very intrigued with Chop Chop. Have to check out more.